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Program Notes

Choreographer: Brendan Drake

Title of Work: Retro Spectre

Directed, Written, and Performed by Brendan Drake

Additional text by Fran Liebowitz, David Gere, and Stephen Sondheim

Music and Additional Spectral Activations by Matthew Ricketts


This work was created with developmental support from the Chez Bushwick Artist in Residence Program. Additional thanks to PAGEANT, UCLA Department of World Arts and Cultures/Dance, and Open Arts Studio (Brooklyn) for the additional space support, Shannon Nash, and Fort Pilates for supplying the lighting in a pinch



Literary Works

Jarman, Derek: Modern Nature. 1984; Overlook Press

Gere, David: How to Make Dances in an Epidemic: Tracking Choreography in the age of AIDS, 2003

Liebowitz, Fran: The Impact of AIDS on the Artistic Community. New York Times, 1987.

Gunn, Thom: The Man with Night Sweats, 1992


Music Works

Charles Ives: Central Park in the Dark for chamber orchestra (1906, 1909); Symphony No. 3, The Camp Meeting (1908–10); Memories (1897)

Alvin Lucier: 3 Translation of the Works of Maurizio Mochetti: No. 3, Rebounds (2017)

PJ Harvey: White Chalk (2007)

George Michael: Fast love (1996)


Dance Works

Beth Gill: New Work for the Desert (2014); Catacombs (2016)

Miguel Guitierrez: myendlesslove (2006, revised 2013)

Bob Fosse & Gwen Verdon: “Whatever Lola Wants,” Damn Yankees (1955)


Visual Art Works

Peter Hujar: Christopher Street Pier (1976); Gary in Contortion No. 2 (1979); Draped Male Nude No. 2 (1980); Bruce de Sainte Croix Masturbating (1976); Nude Self-Portrait Series #2 (1966); Andrew's Back (1973); Paul, Nude Seated (1979); Robert Bending (1977); Self-Portrait in the Baths (1979); 

Michael Leonard: Climbing out (2008);

Steven Maisel: Flesh and Fantasy (1991)

Stanley Stellar: Aner and Stephen (1991)


Film Works

La Maison Ensorelee. Dir: Segundo De Chomón (1908)

Bachelorette. Dir Michel Gondry and Bjork (1997)

One Froggy Evening. Dir: Chuck Jones (1955)

2001: A Space Odyssey. Dir: Stanley Kubrick (1968)

The Science of Sleep. Dir Michel Gondry (2006)

Fran Liebowitz: Public Speaking. Dir. Martin Scorsese (2010)

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